Bodyweight flows

     This workout is designed to keep the heart rate elevated while focusing on the hip flexors and balance for various track and field events. Of course this is not the "end all, be all" workout for those athletes, but then again no single workout is.


     We start out with push-ups and squats to get the whole body warmed up and get some large muscle activation before moving into the sprint. The sprint should be 20m (at least), stop, full reset, then full explosive start into the second 20m sprint back. Jumping right into Sprinter Lunges, we hit the hip flexors (an often neglected muscle group) with some explosive movement while the high knee finish helps to mobilize the glutes and hamstrings. Burpees are always a good idea, so I threw them in to keep the heart rate high and finished it off with some leg raises to get a steady contraction out of the hip flexors and abs while making the diaphragm force the breath to work under tension.


Sprint Con:



20m Sprints

Sprinter Lunges


Leg Raises

4-6 Rounds

     This is the breakdown of the body weight workout "Basic Ass Kicker." This is the first of many body weight workouts I will be demonstrating in the future.

Basic Ass Kicker

20 Squats

10 Push-Ups

10 Lateral Lunges (each side)

20 Jumping Jacks

20 Crunches


Repeat for 4-8 Rounds with as little rest as possible

     This circuit is build around core and shoulder stability. I wanted to design a workout that would constantly engage the midsection (everything from the knees to the elbows), so I decided the entire set should be done from the plank position.


     We start out with bird dogs to fire up the rotation/anti-rotation muscles (obliques, lats, rear delts, spinal erectors, and deep abdominals) and get a little bit of over extension. Then we move to hip poppers to warm up and decompress the lumbar area. These are also great to get some explosive contractions out of the abs. Moving on to Sit-outs, we work the rotation muscles again. Sit-outs are also great for knee and shoulder mobility as well as properoception and balance. Not to mention very taxing on the diaphragm for a panic inducing spike in heart rate.Then we mix in some mountain climbers for the hip flexors and finish with some plank for a static contraction to burn out the rest of the set.



Ground Control:

Suggested reps: 8-16 each with planks from 30-90 secs

Bird Dogs

Hip Poppers


Mountain Climbers

Side Plank


4-6 Rounds

     This workout is a favorite among my clients that travel often. It is a simple workout to remember and can be preformed in a hotel room with ease. It can also be easily modified to fit any fitness level while hitting the entire body and cardiovascular system.


     As you can see in the video, Kendall has no problem completing the leg and ab portion of the workout, but (like most women) has some difficulty with 20 consecutive push-ups. Modifications can always be made to decrease/increase the intensity of a workout. Here she decided to go with an elevated surface so that she could maintain proper form and still get the full set in.


     As always, the reps can be changed to fit the individual need of the client. The listed rep scheme is just the baseline I give my clients to insure they are pushing themselves. Most people believe that bodyweight workouts are not valuable to experienced lifters. This is not the case; even with no weight, the rules of progressive overload stand firm.


Easy Burner:

20 Squats

20 Push-ups

20 Lunges

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Jumping Jacks

Optional: 30 - 90 second Plank

4-6 rounds with minimal breaks