Kettlebell Flow Videos

Basic Double Kettlebell Flow

Romanian Deadlift

Double Clean

Rack Press

Anyhow Windmill

     In this video, my lovely assistant (aka Mrs. Fredell) demonstrates an offset kettlebell flow. The flow is Lateral Lunge to Clean, Rack Press, Reverse Lunge to Forward Lunge. This flow is usually completed for 8 to 12 reps per side (no alternating between reps), but we shortened it to 2 per side for the sake of the video.

     This Kettlebell Flow is designed to attack the body (and CNS) throughout multiple energy systems. The Renegade Row itself is an intense full body exercise. The catch 22 is that the smaller the bell is the easier the row, but the harder it is to stabilize the push up.


     After enduring the Renegade Row, Mr. Hogan and Mr. Pennell move on to the Double Clean and Press (or Long Cycle to you Gireviks out there) to continue to work the shoulders and compress the midsection. From here we move on to the Double Kettlebell Single Leg Romanian Deadlift. I know that's a mouthful. Work your way to a working set of 6 to 8 each leg and you will fully respect the technique no matter the name size.


     Final my unwilling participants move on to the worst part. The Overhead Reverse Lunge will break you down. The over extended nature of the technique will cause your core to crush your diaphragm at an uncomfortable tension, strangling you from the inside out. The shoulders will tell your brain to quit now or suffer a cracked skull.


     Once you push through that, take a couple of minutes to reflect on whatever horrible life choices drove you to do this flow. After that moment of reflection, do it again and again. As always this is the final round (4/4). It's easy to make the first round look pretty for the camera, but we don't do pretty and we do not celebrate fluff.

     Here we see Mr. Hogan and Mr. Pennell performing their 6th round of the Kettlebell Flow affectionately named "Beast Master." This flow is designed to build the upper back, shoulders, and midsection, but it also has a great metabolic conditioning aspect that cannot be denied. The cleans increase the heart rate and the presses, carries, and rows force the midsection to stabilize. The key to any press or carry is to squeeze your abs as hard as possible to maintain an up right posture.


Beast Master

Double Clean

Double Press/ Push Press

Overhead Carry

Farmer Carry

Gorilla Rows

4-6 Rounds

     The Intro Flow is one of my favorite kettlebell flows. It's very basic and very difficult. The goal is to go as heavy as possible and continue to cycle throughout the rounds with little to no break between.


     I use this as a starter flow for those who are learning how to properly handle the kettlebell because it gives them a chance to rep the basics over and over. I also use this flow when I don't want to think about the workout. I just keep moving. Sometimes I zone out and have an internal brainstorming session while my body does it's own thing within the pattern. This sounds complicated, but the flow is so simple and the movements are so natural that once you learn the techniques, you can truly flow through the training session.


Intro Flow:

Romanian Deadlifts


Goblet Squat


Goblet Hold Reverse Lunges

     This flow is designed to challenge the entire upper body and core. It is also a great metabolic workout for upper body conditioning. Easily one of my favorite flows, this will have you exhausted after a couple of rounds. As always, feel free to experiment with various combinations of weight and rep schemes. For this session, I decided to use a thirty pound bell for six reps and six rounds.


Single Bell Upper Flow


Bent Press

Bent Over Row

45 Degree Press



Close Grip Push Up

Globe Press

     The Warrior Flow is one of the first flows I designed. I have been working with it for a couple of years now and it's still one of my favorites. I designed it to focus on the shoulders and core, but hit a little bit of everything (as usual).


Warrior Flow


Double Get-Up (Up)

Anyhow Windmill

Skier Swing

Lateral Clean

Double Get-Up (Down)

     I have been working the Warrior Flow for a while now and I wanted to add some extra shoulders and grip work into it. The Warrior 2 Flow does just that. Adding in a couple new grips (bottoms up and Noob grip) to increase the tension and working in a couple presses for the anterior deltoid and pecs. I redsign flows all the time, so stay tuned for fresh new take on all of the old favorites.


Warrior 2 Flow

Double Get-Up (Down) (Bottom Up Grip)

Alternate Bridge Press (Bottom Up Grip)

Leg Raises


Double Get-Up (Up)

Pummel Clean

See Saw Press

Anyhow Windmill

Double Get-Up (Down) (Bottom Up Grip)

Bridge Press (Noob Grip)

     In Jiu-Jitsu, there's a concept called "cooking the beans." Basically you get on top of an opponent or training partner and keep your body weight on their ribs to compress the lunges. This causes the lunges to empty air and not allow a deep breathe. You can actually choke someone unconscious with this technique if they are already breathing heavily.


     This flow mimics that pressure. The rack hold sets the weight on the chest and you will have to force the breathe in and out while moving through each exercise. If you feel lightheaded, drop the bells before they drop you. Enjoy!


Slow Cooker:

Double Rack Squat

Double Rack Lunge

Double Swing

Double Rack Reverse Lunge

Double Clean

Double Rack Carry