Macebell Videos

     Here we go over the basics of the macebell squat variations. These holds can be used for many other exercises that I will cover in future videos. The staff squat is one of the best squat variations to begin to understand the complexity of the macebell and work on balance and grip strength for the more advanced exercises.

     Part 2 of the Basic Squat series includes the dynamic variation of the pendulum squat. This is a great tool for transferring the macebell from one shoulder to the other. This includes the lap squat as a training tool for transferring the bell between the hands as well as a few overhead squat variations.

     The macebell is a great tool for building stability throughout a full range of motion. The lunge is also a great tool for developing knee stability and working the quad through the full ROM. Here I show a few basic variations of the lunge using the holds I demonstrated in the squat video.

      This flow is using the macebell for a full body workout. I begin with the Ninja squat (performing equal reps on each side) and move right into the Barbarian squat. Then I go into the 360 movement to focus on my shoulders before moving into the Lunge to Paddle. I usually perform four to six rounds of each flow, but as i was using this as a warm up, I performed two rounds before working some skill building sets of Turkish Get-ups and Windmills.


Basic Macebell Flow:

Ninja Squat

Barbarian Squat


Lunge to Paddle