Mobility Videos

     The shoulders are have a wide range of motion compared to the other joints of the body. Some say they are not a true joint because they only thing keeping them together are the muscles of the rotator cuff. The humeral head is barely attached through the cartilage. This causes the shoulder to also be a delicate joint that requires constant attention in athletes.

     Keeping the shoulders healthy, like any other joint, requires strength and mobility training. This is also true in those with desk jobs or constant travelers. Think about the position most maintain while typing or riding in a car or plane. They slump down with a curved back and forward drooping shoulders. This is not the optimal position for good posture nor fully functioning shoulders.

     These exercises will help to correct most of those issues. As always, speak to your doctor before beginning these exercises if you have an existing condition.

The hips house the strongest muscles in the body. This will cause them to get very tight if not properly maintained. The American lifestyle has devolved to the point where many live in a chair or couch. Most sit while they travel to work; sit behind their desk; sit while they travel home; and sit in front of the TV until time to go back to bed.

The human body was not designed for this sedentary hell. They were made to walk on all day long carrying food from the last hunt. They were designed for explosive movement while running from predators. They were designed to climb, crawl, and kick. Now, they are just used as stumps for the head to see the screen better. This is devolution.

How many people do you know that have lower back issue? Sciatica pain? Trouble picking up items off the floor? Trouble standing for too long? Now how many do you know that can touch their toes with their legs straight? Babies can put their feet behind their head with no problem. Why can't adults?

Here we cover the basics of hip mobility and how to recover some of that loss of range of motion. I have used these techniques to help hundreds of clients gain mobility, reduce pain, and gain some of their youth back! Check it out and let me know what you think.

     Mobility is one of the most overlooked aspect in the fitness community. It is a lifesaver whenever you get tied up in a Jiu-Jitsu match or if things go wrong with a lift. Having mobile joints will help protect you from many injuries.


     The kettlebell, being the versatile tool that it is, is great for increasing mobility work as well. It helps to add some weight to the movements and allows you to sink deeper into the stretch. The prying squat and halos are great moves for beginners to start loosening up the body. Once you have found your balance and control, you can begin to move into the lateral lunge and shin box variation with light weight.


     Always try new exercises with light weight before moving to working weight to ensure proper form.