Suspension Work

Keep your body in a plank position and elbows high. If your elbows pull down to your ribs, it turns into a row.

From a plank position, keep the elbows high and press the face away from the hands. Lower back down for the next rep.

Maintain a plank position and pull your elbows to your ribs while squeezing your shoulder blades together.

This is a combination of a pushup and a chest fly. Make sure that you keep your hands high so that you do not drag the strap down your shoulders.

This is a great modification to the body squat for those with very weak legs and balance issue.

This is a great modification to improve balance and leg strength.

Same positioning as the row, but you want to keep your elbows at shoulder height.

Begin in a row position and lower your hips to your heels. From there, stand up and bring your straight arms overhead. Try to keep the strap tight so there is no bounce. return to the bottom position for the next rep.

Try to use the TRX for balance instead of pulling. Lower your hips to your heel and drive through the heel on the way back up.