Video Library

Kettlebell Instructional

     Our kettlebell videos range from beginner to advanced and everything in between. These Instructional videos are short and easy to digest.


     These videos will be removed in Feb 2019 as we begin our next project.

Kettlebell Flows

     These videos are faster paced with zero instruction. The flows are made to work the entire body while in motion. Some are designed to be more intense than others, but all can be modified through weight, reps, and rest breaks.

Body Weight Leg Work

     These exercises can be performed as body weight or weighted exercises depending on the resistance needed. They can also be modified for less resistance.

Body Weight Flows

     Our body weight flows are perfect for beginners and anyone looking for a change of pace from the daily grind. Our clients use these to stay in shape on vacations as well which is perfect to keep them consistent.

Macebell Work

     The Macebell is one of the most unconventional tools out there. If used correctly, they can be very tough on the shoulders and the grip. Here we will show how to optimize the training and recovery using this rarely used tool.

Mobility Work

     Mobility work is important for a healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way to decrease recovery time to increase the work load and protect the body.

Sandbag Work

     The sandbag is a great tool for grapplers and anyone who needs functional strength for moving dead weight. Most come with multiple handles for changing the grips and line of force. One nice aspect of the bag is that the weight is unevenly distributed and moves around often.

Barbell Work

     The barbell is the king of power strength training. Many use it as it was intended and some of use use it as an unconventional tool for everything else.

Suspension Work

      Suspension work is a favored tool in the rehabilitation community. I use it with many of my new clients to help with balance issues and correct hip movement. It is also a great tool for working out on vacation because it travels easily.

Ab Work

     While I do not program isolated abdominal work often, those with weakened cores do benefit from focused training. Here we attack the core from every angle with moderate to high